Know your Future

Astrology Consultancy Services – Detailed Life Predictions   

  1. Marriage Problems
  2. Husband Wife Problems
  3. Education
  4. Financial & Business Problems
  5. Child Problem Solutions
  6. Political Success
  7. Health Issues

పూర్తి జాతక పరిశీలన ఇవ్వబడును

  1. విధ్యా
  2. ఉద్యోగము
  3. వివాహాము
  4. ప్రేమ వివాహం
  5. సంతానము
  6. వ్యాపారము
  7. ఆర్థిక సమస్యలు
  8. ఆరోగ్య సమస్యలు


1. Know Your Education 

We can help you and your child to unlock the true potential and overcome the challenges in achieving the education goals.

We will go through your birth chart and prepare the report that will be useful to plan your education accordingly and have any chances of going abroad for Higher Education.


2. Marriage

There are obstacles in you getting married or there are problems in your marriage.

Marriage Astrology answers several questions in your mind about marriage like:

  1. When will I get married?
  2. Why there is a delay in getting married?
  3. Why delay in getting married?
  4. Will I get an understanding partner?
  5. How successful will my married life be?

What are my chances for a second marriage


3. Child Related Problems and Remedies

When will i CONCEIVE?

Fertility & Children Astrology is one perfect alternative way to understand the reasons behind infertility and the right time for begetting progeny.

Astrology can help in this matter. Remedies will be given for Miscarriages.

4. Financial Problems

You are you suffering from financial problems in your life, you will get 100% accurate Wealth & Prosperity Analysis Report.


5. Detailed Health Report:

Are you suffering from a health issue? Do you fall sick rather easily?
Can analyze your birth chart thoroughly and predict the cosmic influences on your health. It is possible to understand thoroughly through birth charts and obtain remedies for your health illnesses.


6. Change your Name Numerologically and Astrologically

Name number is very important because it modifies both your name and future. Only persons with suitable names and lucky names are very successful and shine in life.

  1. Searching for an ideal name for your baby girl or baby boy?
  2. Calling your child by the right name will greatly give SUCCESS his or her quality of life.

So use the Power of Numbers to find your Perfect baby Names.

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